AC30VR Valve Reactor (2010)

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AC30VRThis 2010 launched amp is an attemp to create the Vox-Tone in a combination of one preamp valve with a solid stage design. In difference of the all-tube AC30 amps this offers channel switching by a external food switch.
It also delivers more different tones with higher gain than the classic AC30s and modern tone controls as you can see in the table above.

In comparison of the AC30s made today (AC30HW and AC30C) it seems to be a cheap and affordable alternative to the AC30 Custom for those who cannot afford the all-tube amp. It´s not really an alternative to the handwired AC30HW but usefull as a backup or rehearsal amp. Until now there are no known issues, if you have issues please report. As you can find in the net until now most people are satisfied with this amp.

Typical price is between:
AC30VR (Celestion VX12 Custom): ~460 Euro (used around 300 Euro, hard to find)

Until now used AC30VR are very hard to find and if you find them it´s not in auctions but rather in small ads.

If you have more photos of your AC30VR amplifier it would be great if you can send them to us, so that the gallery can grow. No matter in which situation the pictures is taken, we will put it in the gallery.