AC30C Custom (2010)

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This is the replacement of the 2004 released AC30 Custom Classic. Launched in 2010 there were made some major changes compared to the Custom Classic models. Those are:
– Speaker
– Adjustment possibilities
– Solid State Rectifier
– Cabinet

Now the cab is made of MDF (medium density fibreboard) instead of birchplywood on the CC models. Internal chassis construction is different, tubes are now hanging overhead into the speakers part of the cab.
Tremolo and spring-reverb are available on both channels and foot-switchable. Other features are summarised in the table above or available on the official Vox product page.
From time to time different limited editions are available, mentioned in the table above. In most stores these editions are sold out soon, good chance is ebay (also new in stock). There is nothing different but the tolex, amplifier inside is completly the same. Only on the cream edition you can get an other speaker which is the Celestion Creamback.

Typical price (time of release) is between:
AC30C2 (Greenbacks): 888 – 935 Euro (used ~650 Euro)
AC30C2X (UK Celestion Blue): 1242 – 1399 Euro (used ~1100 Euro)
AC30C2-RD (Greenbacks): ~899 Euro (used hard to find)
AC30C2-BC (Greenbacks): ~899 Euro (used hard to find)
AC30C2-BRG (Greenbacks): 950 – 999 Euro (used hard to find)
AC30C2-BL (Greenbacks): 888 – 950 Euro (used hard to find)
AC30C2-PL (Greenbacks): ~1049 Euro (used hard to find)
AC30C2-CM (Creambacks): ~1049 Euro (used hard to find)
AC30TV-BC (Greenbacks): ~1199 Euro (used hard to find)

Until now, used AC30C can be found. Limited editions are very hard to find. In our experience in the future there will be more available and it will be around 2/3 of the original price. But still you have to look some time to find one.

If you have more photos of your AC30 Custom amplifier it would be great if you can send them to us, so that the gallery can grow. No matter in which situation the pictures is taken, we will put it in the gallery.