New Limited Editions

1-8We updated the AC30 Info-Pool with new information about the recent AC30C Limited Editions which is Cream and Purple. Pictures and price are also added.
The Cream edition is of special interest in terms that it makes one new speaker option available: the Celestion G12M-65 Creamback. We have also added a short description of this speaker to the info section.

Info-Pool updated

AC30C2-BRG Limited editionWe updated the AC30 Info-Pool with information about the recent AC30 C2 limited editions which is British Racing Green and Blue Limited. Also new pictures and price updates are available.
We also added a permanent link to the BBC One documentary “VOX POP: How Dartfort powered the british beat boom” at the Info-Pool site.


Spotlight on Tubes

ac30hw-2Hey there, this is a short note to let you know about some recent change on the site. We’ve cleaned up the menu structure and merged the article section with the info-pool. Moreover, the spotlight on speakers article has been improved and we’ve added a spotlight on tubes to the info-section. Both articles will probably be enriched with more content in the next time. Have fun and cheers!

Happy Birthday Paul…

Taken from

Another great and very special AC30 user celebrates its birthday. Sir Paul McCartney is 70 today and we like to congratulate.

He is another famous user of the AC30, even played with it´s bass. If you listen to the early Beatles recordings you will hear a lot of AC30.

Of course many of the Beatles have used AC30s and other Vox Amps. Paul soon got a more powerful amp from Vox.

Look at some video from the Beatles with AC30s

VOX History Film

We got some great news for you! BBC One released a 30 minutes film about Vox and their history in music (especially AC30), called: “VOX POP: How Dartford powered the british beat boom”
We recommend to watch this. Beside the historical facts some famous musicians from the 60s and today take part in this.

It´s available on YouTube in two parts (first broadcast was november 2011).

Part One: VOX POP: How Dartford powered the british beat boom 1/2
Part Two: VOX POP: How Dartford powered the british beat boom 2/2

Excellent ! Thank you BBC !

Spotlight on Speakers

A short notice for you. We updated the Spotlight on Speakers article with new suitable speakers for the AC30 and selfmade sound samples so you can get an idea of what the different speakers sound like or what kind of sound they deliver. All samples were made with the AC30HW2, top boost channel, eq in the middle and usual (loud) stage volume. Additional speakers are: Wharfedale GSH12-30, Celestion Century Vintage (NeoDog) and Twinsound Cream Alnico. Go for the Spotlight on Speakers.

London Power Scaling

Hey there!

Just a short note to let you know there is a new article on the site that deals with the London Power Scaling modification. Power Scaling enables continuous adjustment of the amps power section/wattage and is a great alternative to attenuators.

AC15/30HW mods

Nik Player informed us about some mods he originally did for the AC15HW. They can also be done on the AC30HW because it´s nearly the same. We will soon adapt it to the AC30HW but if you can´t wait visit his blog and read about these mods. I did it myself on the AC30HW and I highly recommend this mods. As Nik wrote: “These simple changes really liven up the amp…”

Thank you very much Nik for writing !

Improving your Sound

After you buy a new amplifier, it always sounds great to you (otherwise you wouldn´t have bought it). One reason is simply because it´s your new “baby”. But after the first euphoria you may find some things that could be better…

The following article shows you our suggestions how to improve your personal sound. Go for it here…