Spotlight on Tubes

ac30hw-2Hey there, this is a short note to let you know about some recent change on the site. We’ve cleaned up the menu structure and merged the article section with the info-pool. Moreover, the spotlight on speakers article has been improved and we’ve added a spotlight on tubes to the info-section. Both articles will probably be enriched with more content in the next time. Have fun and cheers!

London Power Scaling

Hey there!

Just a short note to let you know there is a new article on the site that deals with the London Power Scaling modification. Power Scaling enables continuous adjustment of the amps power section/wattage and is a great alternative to attenuators.

AC30HW Tube Issue Fix

Circuit without the Fix

Since today, we are happy to feature a new article that explains the fix for the AC30HW tube issue. Thanks to Donpaul McAllister for providing this article and his effort in revealing this issue, gathering information and finally getting Vox to fix it for new production series. Also thanks to all other helpful people at the Gear Page and Vox forums.

Go here for the article. Also see the official Tube Issue Statement by Vox below