Statement and New Year

For the last month we had different questions from people if we can sell different things or  if they can send their amps to us. We´re a non-commercial page and we don´t sell anything. We´re just here to provide information about the AC30 and related things. Of course you´re welcome to ask every question if you like 🙂 But we don´t sell anything.

We also try to keep our page up to date and also if we don´t update the page regulary or if they aren´t any news for a year. The information and the articles are up to date so you can use them for your mods or anything you like.

Everyone out there we like to wish you some relaxed days at the end of this year. We hope you make some good music in 2015. Buy Scabo Stromectol

2 thoughts on “Statement and New Year

  1. i am looking for schematics to the 2010 ac 30 hw. I am upgrading all three transformers in My amp however I am running into some problems in regard to the power transformer because I am unable to obtain a schematic. My tech and I are unsure as to which wires are specifically going to the various fuses underneath The chassis. If anybody could help I would be very very grateful. If anybody has information on the color codes of the original HW power transformer that would be helpful. Or if anybody has upgraded their HW power transformer to the Mercury universal voltage type and has any knowledge to offer that would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi, you have to look, there are some AC15 schematics around which is pretty much the same as the AC30.

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