3-2-1 GO ! – AC30 Guide online

AC30-Guide is now officially online!

This site provides you with information, know-how and user experiences related to the Vox AC30 amplifier. Please feel free to contribute to this site by joining the discussion, providing articles and/or pictures.

This site is the attemp to create a blog-style-website with detailed information about the AC30. You are an important part of this, because it´s up to you to discuss about articles and provide us with additional information and feedback. What you can see now is a basic site with basic information and articles, but be shure it will grow.

Everyone who owns an AC30 older than 2002, please send us a message because it´s really hard to get on information and reliable pictures. We´re looking forward your feedback! 🙂

And finally, enjoy the site and tell everyone about it.

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